Testosterone Booster Side Effects: Pills or Patch

If you are considering the use of either a testosterone booster patch or testosterone booster pills, please be aware of the potential testosterone booster side effects you could experience.

To maintain a healthy body, it is vitally important to maintain a healthy hormone balance. If at any time one form of hormone is either higher or lower than normal, not only does it not do its job correctly, but it also affects the balance of other hormones and functions within your system. These hormones start to either increase or decrease their production, which can cause long term or even permanent damage to your health and well being. This is especially true for those with low testosterone.

If you are experiencing low testosterone production, you may want to discuss with your health care professional the option of taking a testosterone booster to help raise your level. These are also known as testosterone supplements, and are available in a variety of remedies, including tablet supplements, gel, cream and even injection.

However, not all testosterone boosters are suitable for everyyone. Unfortunately some people do experience testosterone booster side effects as detailed below. Before taking any testosterone supplement, be sure to discuss your condition with your doctor, to ensure you are taking the correct testosterone booster for you.

Common Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Testosterone Booster Pills

These are readily available as an over the counter supplement or via prescription, and aid in either increasing your testosterone production or actually add testosterone into your system. Common brand names are “Understor,” “Restandol,” “Andriol,” “Androxon,” and “Restinsol.”

Pill Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Should you decide to use one of these testosterone supplements, be prepared for potential testosterone booster side effects. Although they indicate they are made from natural ingredients, not all things “natural” are safe or harmless! If you choose to use this form of testosterone booster, be extra cautious. There are just as many deadly and unsafe natural poisons as their are man made ones. You also want to be careful not to boost testosterone levels too high, as this can also cause adverse affects.

To be on the safe side, ask your health professional to monitor your usage, take only a reputable brand name that has been thouroughly tested.

Testosterone Booster Patch

Testosterone booster patches are available within the US as a prescription from your family doctor. Common brands you may have heard of include “Androderm” and “Testoderm”. Testosterone patches contain an alcohol based gel that provides testosterone directly into your body through your skin. These patches are also commonly applied to the scrotum.

Patch Testosterone Booster Side Effects

Because a testosterone patch includes chemicals to help transfer the testosterone through your skin and into your body, there are testosterone booster side effects associated with this method. They include acne, depression and/or memory loss, frequent and/or enduring erections, not to mention irritation to the location of the applied patch.

As you can see, while the benefits are many, there are also numerous testosterone booster side effects associated with using a patch or supplement. Speak with your doctor to find out if one could be beneficial for you.

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